Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is best suited for the storage of long items such as wood, piping or long steel tubing.

Cantilever racking can be designed and manufactured to have either fixed arms or adjustable arms depending on your requirements. The robust design of cantilever racking makes it the most reliable storage solution for heavy goods, such as timber, steel or plastics, that are manufactured in long lengths.

It can be manufactured in either single or double sided rack configurations with the option to be galvanised; ensuring the product is not adversely compromised by poor weather conditions if used outside. Cantilever racking can be easily loaded by either conventional fork lift trucks or side loaders so no extra handling equipment is required.

We always recommend that any form of APR is installed by a qualified, registered fitter.  This is a service we can also provide at an additional cost.

  • Robust Design.
  • Capable of storing heavy or long goods.
  • Inside or outside use.
  • Easy access for long or awkward goods .
  • Up to 7 metres high with arms up to 2 metres long with optional end stops .

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All our racking systems are fully compliant with SEMA codes of practice and are safe for the purpose we design, manufacture and fit.