Longspan Racking

Long Span Racking is best suited for large goods.

Longspan shelving is easy to install and is adjustable to meet any customer requirements.  Built on the same principals as pallet racking, long span uses end frames and beams with either chipboard or, for greater strength and rigidity, steel shelves.

The design of long span shelving means it can be installed up to 3 metres high with open bay sizes of either 1800mm, 2100mm or 2400mm, with shelves fitted to suit your needs.  Each bay can have as many or as few shelf levels as needed with each capable of holding up to 596 kg UDL (uniformly distributed load) per level.

Longspan shelving can be utilised in a small stockroom where a little extra storage space is needed or put in a full warehouse where hand picking is required on a greater scale.  Longspan shelving is not forklifted loadable therefore all stock has to be hand loaded.

As with all racking or shelving, we advise that it is installed by trained fitters, we can be arranged for you at an additional cost.

  • The most cost effective shelving system.
  • Easy to install and adjust as requirements change.
  • Very versatile.


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All our racking systems are fully compliant with SEMA codes of practice and are safe for the purpose we design, manufacture and fit.