Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking can be used in a vast range of industries.

Most pallet racking can be easily configured for space savings of up to 40%, providing up to 80% more storage capacity than standard APR (adjustable pallet racking).

Mobile pallet racking is a great solution when space or increased storage capacity is needed by working on the principle that only one working aisle is required at any one time.

The operation is very simple; a chassis moving along rails set into the floor by cost-effective, industry standard, electric motors capable of moving racks of up to 24 tonnes at the press of a button. This allows the forklift driver to access whichever aisle they need to retrieve the required pallet(s).

  • Increased storage capacity (80% in some cases).
  • Can be designed to work as narrow aisle or wide aisle.
  • Most suitable for storage of bulk loads of same product.
  • 100% accessibility to pallets.
  • Modular design so it will fit in most warehouses.

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All our racking systems are fully compliant with SEMA codes of practice and are safe for the purpose we design, manufacture and fit.