Shuttle Pallet System

Shuttle pallet racking is a computer controlled system that provides a fast, efficient means of moving stock.

Shuttle pallet racking is commonly used as an alternative to drive in, push back and live pallet storage systems. Although these systems are effective they are limited by the length of the storage lanes achievable.  The innovative design of the shuttle storage system overcomes these difficulties by storing pallets to a longer or greater depth.  The automated shuttle system does this by travelling along guide rails which run the depth/length of the racking structure.

Pallets are loaded onto rails at the front of the racking where the shuttle picks it up and transports the pallet down the guide rail to the next available position.  The shuttles are pre-programmable so can be given numerous tasks within the its lane.  This frees up man power for undertaking other tasks.

The shuttle itself can be easily moved between lanes with a standard fork lift truck.  The shuttle pallet system can be used in a variety of warehouses and can even be used in chilled or cold storage in temperatures down to -30 degrees with no loss of efficiency.

Due to the complex nature of the shuttle pallet racking’s installation, we do not offer this as a supply only option.

  • Lightweight batteries 14kg compared to 40kg in other models.
  • 1 charge gives 8 hrs operation of up to 30 pallets an hour .
  • Minimum maintenance required.
  • Variable distance adjustment between pallets.
  • Ease of inventory counting /stock taking.
  • 24 hr support service.

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All our racking systems are fully compliant with SEMA codes of practice and are safe for the purpose we design, manufacture and fit.