Wide Aisle Racking

Wide Aisle or Standard Racking (Adjustable Pallet Racking, ‘APR’)

If you are looking to install APR in your business to compliment the forklift trucks you already have, then wide aisle is the best option for you.

Wide aisle is the most cost effective and versatile form of APR.  It is capable of storing any pallet size, in any configuration and in any layout.

The most commonly used form of APR in the UK today, wide aisle conveniently gives you access to 100% of your pallets at all times.

We always recommend that any form of APR is installed by a qualified, registered fitter; a service we can also provide at an additional cost.

  • No restriction in the layout.
  • 100% access to all your pallets stored.
  • Stores all pallet types (standard, euro, plastic, metal, etc).
  • Can be easily reconfigured or moved if your needs change.
  • Beam levels can be easily adjusted to suit any requirements or changes in pallet heights.

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All our racking systems are fully compliant with SEMA codes of practice and are safe for the purpose we design, manufacture and fit.