Trolleys and Combination Units

Range Storage Equipment Ltd manufacture a wide range of trolleys and combination units in various sizes to accommodate the size of the load you require moving.

Basic trolley units are capable of carrying loads up to a maximum capacity of 500 kgs and can be manufactured with a choice of plywood or weldmesh sides and bases. They are all available with 1,2,3 or all 4 sides in plywood or welmesh, or just a simple handle to push/pull – whichever best suits your needs.

A combination unit is a wheeled picking trolley with mounted steps to enable you to safely access stock that is stored out of reach from the ground. The steps have a spring loaded safety mechanism whereby the rubber stops on the feet of the stair unit make contact with the ground when the operative ascends. The operatives weight anchors the unit to the ground ensuring the steps can be safely used to retrieve goods.

We also manufacture a wide range of sack carts or stair climbers, available with capacity’s from 100 kgs to 350 kgs with different widths of shoe sizes and lengths to suit your requirements. A stair climber is based on 2 sets of 3 rotating wheels with a carrying capacity of 100 kgs with an overall height of 1090mm, and a shoe size of 345mm x 255mm to enable you to take loads up or down stairs more easily.

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